e-Signature Expands Across Branch Transactions

e-Signature technology is proving helpful to retail banks as they struggle to cut costs and boost efficiency in their branches

BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report

August 2013

By Robert Stowe England

The pace at which banks are aopting electornic banking, intially slow, is now zooming ahead at some banks. For those institutions, the ability of e-siganture technology to deliver gains in branch efficiency, improve compliance and enhance customer satisfaction is driving the adoptin of e-signature across all transactions in retail banking.

A case in point is Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp, which incorporated e-siganture in two steps at its 3,080 branches in 25 states -- for retail loan origination in January 2011 and then for all retail branch douments in February 2013. "So, any time you get into a U.S. Bank branch today to either take out a loan, or line of credit, or to open a deposit account, you should have the opportunity to be involved in an e-signature session," says Rodney Olson, senior vice president of technology and operatiosn services.

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Robert Stowe England is an author and financial journalist who has specialized in writing about financial institutions, financial markets, retirement income issues, and the financial impact of population aging.

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