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Mr. England is periodically interviewed by members of the print, online and broadcast media for programs and stories relating to the financial industry and subjects he covers. His work is also cited by executives in government and industry, as well as experts and policy analysts. This page will link you to some of the published stories, broadcasts, public statements, and research in which Mr. England is cited, quoted or interviewed.

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, Hearing, April 9, 2010

Testimony of Robert J. Levin, April  9, 2010

In his prepared testimony before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission on April 9, former Fannie Mae senior exeuctive Robert J. Levin quoted from an article written by Mr. England for Mortgage Banking in 2006 to describe the changes in the securitizations market that influenced strategic decisions by Fannie Mae to take on riskier assets. 

Read more: Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, Hearing, April 9, 2010

BBC Radio 4, July 24 2009

The World Tonight

Click on the link above to listen to the radio show. The Interview with Mr. England on Shanghai's two-child policy at 18:36 to 21:50 minutes in the 45 minute program.

Amazon Book Review

A List of the Most Readable and Intriguing Books on Economics.


Economics book reviewer Gaetan Lion

has compiled a list of the 25 most readable and intriguing books on economics and the complete list has been posted on Amazon.com. Two of the 25 books (Nos. 19 and 20) on the list were written by Mr. England.


The list can be seen at this link: 

Amazon's Most readable and intriguing books on economics

The books cited are The Fiscal Challenge of an Aging Industrial World and Global Aging and Financial Markets: Hard Landings Ahead. Both books were previously reviewed on Amazon.com by Mr. Lion who rated both books 5 stars on a 5-star scale. Mr. England's books are two of only three books lin the list with a 5-star rating. Mr. England's Global Aging and Financial Markets book also received a second 5-star rating from another Amazon.com reviewer, A. Agarwal.

Book Review of Aging China by Xiaochun Qiao

The China Quarterly, Volume 182, Issue 1, March 2006, pp. 182-183

Book Review by Xiaochun Qiao The China Quarterly, Volume 182, Issue 1, March 2006, pp. 182-183 Aging ChinaThe Demographic Challenge to China’s Economic Prospects. By ROBERT STOWE ENGLAND. [Westport, CT and London: Praeger Publishers, 2005. xv_135 pp. £16.99. ISBN: 0-275-98684-5.] 

This book is based on the author’s studies on China’s ageing population and on research carried out by the Global Aging Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC into the present and future impact of ageing on China. 

Read more: Book Review of Aging China by Xiaochun Qiao



Robert Stowe England is an author and financial journalist who has specialized in writing about financial institutions, financial markets, retirement income issues, and the financial impact of population aging.

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