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This cautionary tale explains how the murky and complex world of mortgage finance caused a global market meltdown―and offers new insights on how to create a stronger world of banking and mortgage finance.

Mr. England writes about the financial crisis with harrowing precision.

-- Daniel Henninger, deputy editorial page director, columnist, Wall Street Journal


First Reckless Endangerment and now it is Black Box Casino's turn to shine a bright light on the root causes of the mortgage meltdown. England, relying on decades of experience as a financial reporter and consummate research skills, documents how government housing policy, political expediency, and crony capitalism combined to cause the mortgage meltdown that nearly sank the world’s economy.

-- Ed Pinto, former chief risk officer of Fannie Mae


Drawing upon sources not available to previous writers, England presents the most complete account yet of how the collapse of an obscure subprime mortgage lender in January 2007 could eventually take down some of the greatest names on Wall Street by September 2008, wreaking massive economic destruction that Americans are still struggling with today.

-- Kenneth Cline, managing editor, Banking Strategies Magazine

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Robert Stowe England is an author and financial journalist who has specialized in writing about financial institutions, financial markets, retirement income issues, and the financial impact of population aging.

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